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Dr. Cara Pendley is AMAZING. I have been a patient of a different practice 4 years. I was not impressed with the care I was receiving; it was very "are you still having issues? yes? okay, here is some medicine and we'll see you in a year." I decided I wanted to try a woman physician, and Dr. Pendley came highly recommended by her staff when I was in the office with my husband for his neurology appointment. Dr. Pendley is kind, caring, compassionate, intelligent, thorough, considers the full picture of what is going on in the patient's life... my only regret is that I didn't switch to her sooner! She is amazing and she had so many different alternative treatments that had not even been considered by my prior neurologist. I look forward to/am actually excited about working with her in the future.

Becca B | 9/9/2020

I recently saw Dr. Dryn for some problems I am having. She spent a long time discussing my issues and performing some tests. She was very caring, down to earth and easy to talk to. I highly recommend Dr. Dryn.

Paul A | 7/19/2020

Very good care. Very reassuring.

Susan K W | 2/27/2020

I recently saw Dr.Pritchard for a second opinion. He was so kind,patient, caring and knowledgeable. He did not make me feel silly for asking questions and was extremely thorough.

Dena B | 11/12/2019

Awesome experience. Quick and friendly service by all clinic staff. Dr. Lennon was excellent and was very detailed in explaining things and answering questions. This was an excellent experience.

Daniel W | 5/16/2019

We saw Dr Pritchard for a family member who has Down Syndrome and has developed dementia. He was so patient with her and cautious about prescribing a medication for her without checking other medical issues. He also was very straight forward about what we could expect, and we truly appreciated that.

Alice B | 5/1/2019

I have been seeing Dr Henderson for several years, never an extended wait time before actually seeing him; and also the office staff is is very welcoming and efficient. He has controlled a familial tremor (that affected my mother and grandmother very badly) with medication, thus I am very pleased.

Alice B | 5/1/2019

Excellent service, minimal wait time with more than adequate patient-doctor time.

Traci C | 4/25/2019

I have never had to wait more than thirty minutes to sign in, have vitals taken and be in an exam room. Dr. Pendley is a wonderful dr. She is very down to earth and is great about answering any questions. She was very thorough with exam, blood test and setting up any diagnostic test. I am now recovering from an eight vertabrate lumber/thoracic fusion because she ran a MRI and found my spine was collapsing and twisting. I would highly recommend the Clinic and Dr. Pendley.

Dawn | 2/3/2019

Long wait, very thorough assessment by doc- very patient with mom who is a complicated and difficult patient.

Jennifer b | 11/29/2018

Wonderful place! We love NP Laura and Dr. Barbara.

Bette W B | 10/11/2018